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20/05/ 2012 777

Life has suddenly started to become very exciting.  Work is calming down (I hope I’m not speaking too soon!) so I finally have more time to spend on my blog, hurrah.  I’m planning a wedding so get to go to Italy next weekend ...


14/10/ 2012 Passion fruit creams

I’ve been back from the most incredible holiday ever for 5 weeks now and have been very very idle.  When I first got back I fully intended to do a holiday blog with a recipe for a Polynesian speciality, Poisson Cru.  Sitting here n...


24/06/ 2012 Taste of Dublin 2012

It was about a month ago, that an email landed from Editor-Europe. Uhhhh, who?  Turned out to be a very nice and polite email asking me if there was any chance I’d review Taste of Dublin 2012 for Guestaurant.com.  I’m so stup...

Taste 2012 - Charleville fillet

What’s It All About?

Welcome to the Diary of a Dublin Food Girl, a collection of  food related posts from a girl wanting to get out and about and experience every delicacy the city has to offer. From restaurant reviews to cookery courses, keep an eye on this page to hear about my latest explorations. There will also be some recipes along the way, recipes to suit the season and may be just my mood. Enjoy!