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Recipe: Barbeque spare ribs

Posted: 22 April 2012


I’m feeling a little delicate today.  I’ve been working pretty hard recently (hence the blog neglect) and was in desperate need of a bit of a blow out.  Well, blow out I did and needless to say today has now been very unproductive.   Well worth it though, thank you ladies – and thank you to the barman at Coppinger Row for the yummy cocktail that kicked the night off.

A direct result of my over indulgence is food cravings – I’ve just settled down to a bowl of fresh mango, half a bag of crisps and a few percy pigs – what’s that all about?  Following on from the food craving theme I thought I would post a recipe for the dish I would most like to eat right now.  Sadly the butchers isn’t open at this time on Sunday, if it was I’d be there – my mouth is watering just writing this up!

The recipe hails from my mother and is something I’ve grown up with – I think she found it on a recipe card once upon a time.  Enjoy!

Number Served:



Approx. 16 lamb ribs (2 large breasts of lamb cut into riblets
1 litre boiling water
2 tbspns white vinegar

4 tbspn soy sauce
4 tbspn clear honey
4 tbspn plum jam
4 tbspn tomato ketchup
2 tbspn white vinegar
2 tbspn Worcestershire sauce
2 tspn dry mustard powder
squeeze lemon juice


1. Trim the ribs, and place in a saucepan with the boiling water and vinegar.  Simmer for 15 minutes.
2. Mix all of the ingredients for the sauce together, and heat gently in a small saucepan until they have all blended.
3. Drain the lamb, and place the ribs into a roasting tin and cover with the sauce.
4. Cook at 180 degrees/gas mark 4 for 30 minutes, then increase to 200 degrees/gas mark 6 for a further 20 minutes until crisp.  Baste the ribs once or twice during the cooking time.
5. Serve with any remaining sauce.  I like to have it with a  homemade coleslaw*, corn on the cob and baked potatoes – heaven.

* Homemade coleslaw: 1/2 white cabbage, 1 large carrot, ½ white onion, 1 green apple (covered in lemon juice).  Slice/shred all ingredients and add mayonnaise and black pepper.

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