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Posted: Saturday, November 05, 2011 at 7:22 PM
Location: Kitchen, South Anne Street
Dining companions: My man

With the web-site launch this week, I’ve been determined to make sure I get out and about and post something new this weekend.  So, on this beautiful crisp and sunny Dublin day me and my man found ourselves traipsing off in to town to do some ‘research’ (read:  eating!).

I spent a while on the internet last night trying to decide where to go.  By a process of elimination I eventually decided on Kitchen, although I did quickly became a bit nervous seeing quite how close to Grafton Street it was – was it going to be touristy or expensive?  Oh well, if I figured that if I didn’t like the look of it in the end we could always head to Dunne and Crescensi – my man’s favourite, which would earn me some brownie points.
Ducking off Graton Street at around 2pm into South Anne Street, I was amazed that I’d never noticed Kitchen before – I must have walked past it a hundred times!  We weaved our way in through the outside diners, and my first impressions immediately allayed any fears I had.  Inside the restaurant has quite a cosy feel and seeing breadboards with doorstep-like BLTs and yummy looking chips I thought it was perfectly pitched to meet my lunchtime hunger pangs.

The remnants.....

We were lead up to table upstairs near the window which was great - I did think that further back it looked a little gloomy which would have been a shame on such a bright day.  Most tables upstairs and downstairs were full today and the atmosphere was good – lots of relaxed folks, many of them enjoying lunch with a glass of vino – one of those for me please waiter!

The lunch menu at Kitchen pretty much consists of a soup and a chowder, chicken wings, three different salads, four different sandwiches and a couple of pasta type dishes.  It’s not extensive, rather focused on some solid classics, which is fine by me.  I’m a sucker for a Caesar salad, I love mozzarella and parma ham and the BLT had looked good downstairs – but what about the steak sandwich?

In the end I decided to revive my chicken wing hunt and had a small portion of wings (€6.85) and a small beetroot, goats’ cheese and walnut salad (€7.25). The man went for the tuna and red onion sandwich with chips (€9.85).

Once the food arrived our small table for two was groaning – the chicken wings were served on a breadboard, as was the sandwich and then we had my salad and a finger bowl for me as well – plus a teapot etc. it got quite cramped. Time to eat.

Good news on the chicken wings, they were delicious.  They didn’t have the neon orange colour of those that I’ve been trialling before – they were much more natural, and while they didn’t have the acidic type ‘bang’ that hits you straightaway with the neon variety, the flavour was full and much rounder.  They came with a Cashel blue sauce, which could have had a bit more of a Cashel blue to it for me, but still the classic combo works well.

My salad was also good, well mixed and well proportioned.  My favourite element was the slightly candied/sugared walnuts – the sweetness adding a new dynamic which was delicious.  As for the sandwich – the homemade bread was nice and thick and the homemade chips a delight – they just could have been a bit hotter.

All I can say is that I’m going to be back, a great spot for the weary shopper or hurried work luncher.  We arrived just around peak lunch I would think, and service throughout was spot on.  We paid €32.50 for two, with one glass of wine and one tea – reasonably enough priced I thought (although my man is still whingeing about a tenner for a sandwich) - and I did blow out a little with my two courses, neither of which I quite got to the bottom of!