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Posted: Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 9:14 PM
Location: Crackbird, South William Street
Dining companions: Work friend

So, was it a cracking biord? YES!  Phew... OK, so I've been feeling a little bit behind the ball, only just making it to Crackbird this week for lunch.... but there I was finally, and thank goodness the chicken was as good as the hype.  Hurrah.  I am a chicken wing fanatic (as previously discussed), and am happy to report a seriously tasty alternative.
We charged up to Crackbird at around 12.30pm last Wednesday for lunch, and got a prime seat at the high tables in the window.  The staff were really friendly and helpful with the menu etc, and noticeably seemed awfully young and trendy, making me feel like I was in the place to be.  Go me.  Having read so much about Crackbird, a lot of the menu seemed already quite familiar to me which was comforting.   I plumped for half a soy garlic chicken, some slaw and a burnt lemon and whipped feta sauce. I was lunching with a work buddy who tested the Chicken Brochettes (curry yoghurt crust) and some hand rolled croquettes.

The chicken arrived in a reasonably large bucket which looked a little daunting, but it turned out to be a perfect amount. The chicken is fried, and was crisp on the outside and moist and tender inside.  Heaven.  Before I went I knew there were no chips, but boy did I still miss them (at least every other mouthful).  My chicken had left over sauce at the bottom of the dish which was just mouthwatering and I seriously needed those chips to dip.  As for my sides, the sauce was lovely and its creaminess matched the chicken perfectly.  I love finger food, and I found something very satisfying about tearing apart the chicken, then sweeping it (fingers and all) through the sauce.  Yum.  The slaw was fine, but really nothing to write home about - in hindsight, I wish I tried maybe the carrot and cranberry for something a bit different.

Sadly my friend's lunch wasn't quite so successful.  The Brochettes (i.e. skewers) were tasty, but dry without extra sauce.  I assume the waitress thought we would share the one, but it wasn't suitable for my friend so that was a shame.  And the croquettes – well, I've not tasted something so bizarre in a long time.  I think the chef maybe dropped the entire pot of white pepper in by accident as that was ALL you could taste.  Really, they were rotten.  I can only assume that was an error, and I'm not really sure why we didn't send them back.  The most successful part of her meal was the rhubarb lemonade that came served in a huge jam jar - nice touch.

By the time we left around 1.30pm the restaurant was full, and had a really good vibe.  Acid test, will I be rushing back.  Not quite. We paid €30 for lunch fort 2, with only one drink ordered which seems quite a lot.  There are a couple of lunch options on the menu at €5.50 which are good value but both are only served with the goujons or skewers which just aren't my bag, and would defeat the purpose of going for me.  There is also the lack of chips, and with our croquette disaster I'm not 100% sure I fancy it for dinner - although if the carrot and cranberry were a bit tastier than the slaw then maybe I could cope.  BUT when I have a chicken craving (which does happen) I have a feeling I be banging the door down.  In fact it could well be the late night menu (23pm - 1am) that drags me back.