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Posted: Monday, August 30, 2010 at 11:31 PM
Location: Eddie Rockets, Dame Street
Dining companions: My man

The anniversary celebrations continue.....  We were heading off to the Olympia to see a play, Little Gem, which was the present I bought for my man.  We arrived a bit early, just in time for a cheeky snackette before show time.

With no specific destination in mind, we wandered rather aimlessly discussing various options, from kebabs to Chinese.  Suddenly, red leather and chrome gleaming, in front of me stood Eddie Rockets!  An Irish institution which believe it or not, after a year in Dublin, I had yet to try.  Although I appreciate most people seem likely to visit Eddie Rockets after a few jars, unless you have kids, it just had to be done.
First off I was thrilled to find my beloved American friend, Root Beer, on the menu.  A big tick for Eddie Rockets.

To eat, I chose the chicken wings, and some chilli fries.  There was something very comforting about the chilli fries, crispy golden fries with a big dollop of chilli con carne on top.  My man wasn’t feeling very well, but the chilli fries won him over and despite his claims that he wasn’t eating I found myself battling with him to make sure I got my share.

On to the chicken wings.  Now, I just love chicken wings.  They are like my guilty little secret.  Sadly however, the chicken wings in Eddie Rockets just did not deliver for me.  Did not satisfy that chicken wing hunger.  I had some with the hot sauce.  The words that spring to mind are small, hard and dry.  The hot sauce definitely had something not quite right about it, rancid even.  How disappointing!
In writing this review, and expressing my chicken wing disappointment, I’ve come up with an idea.  I’m on a HUNT.  A city wide hunt....  The hunt for the best chicken wings in town!  There must be better out there, and I’m going to find them! 


Since my trip to Eddie Rockets, I’ve been told that a burger’s the way to go, so while I’ll not be planning another visit soon, when it presents itself again so perfectly – Root Beer, chilli fries and a burger for me.   A word advice though – if you’re going to print “please do not steal our cutlery” on your napkins, try to make sure the knives don’t have “hospital property” engraved on them.

PS As for Little Gem at the theatre, brilliant! I just loved it and laughed out loud of many an occasion, but as for a present for a man?  Think again.  My man was one of only ten other men, in an audience full of purple rinses and gaggles of middle aged women.