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Posted: Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 1:58 PM
Location: The Wolseley, London
Dining companions: The girls

Last week it was ten years since I left university and found myself a job in London.  Ten years later, I’m still doing the same job at the same company, just moved location a few times along the way....

Thinking back to that first week of entering the real world, I remember I met a lot of people – some I’ll probably (hopefully) never see again, but four that I still see as regularly as I can, one of whom I’m happy to call my best friend. To mark our ten year anniversary, we had planned to pamper ourselves.  We were meeting at 9am to have breakfast in the Wolseley, then we were off to The Sanctuary for the day for relaxation and massages.  Heaven.

At 6.50am as my best friend knocked on the door, in the cold slightly grey of dawn, the whole day was actually seeming a little more hellish.  However, up we got, and into town we trekked.


First impressions of The Wolseley, were seriously GOOD, made the early morning worth the while.  The place is amazing.  It reminded me of eras gone by, the ceilings are really high, there are enormous chandeliers, and gold everywhere – not real gold surely, but gold leaf/paint whatever on the clocks, the walls everywhere, giving it a real feeling of opulence.
I felt that maybe I would have been better placed in a 60’s style outfit or some sort, a dress, maybe even with a smart little hat or something, rather than my jeans and shabby jacket.  Luckily the wait staff didn’t make us feel that way and ushered us off to our table.  I must comment on our waiter, one of the old sort, well spoken, polite, dressed up properly maybe even in tails (!?), helpful and just the right amount of chatty – he really suited the place and made the visit that bit extra special,  shame I didn’t get his name.

On to the food.  A broad menu with a good range of hot and cold options, from granola and yoghurt to kippers.  Prices varied but I would consider were reasonable for the location: Bacon roll £6 – Full English £14.  Something for everyone. 

We all plumped for the hot food and I could have eaten any one of the meals that we had.  Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs were presented well, with the egg contained within a ring of smoked salmon, although the eggs could have done with a few more seconds.  Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup were amazing – fluffy pancakes and a full jar of syrup which I thought was great as there’s nothing worse than running out.  Bacon and egg roll was good, egg wasn’t runny but this particular customer was happy with that, me I love egg yolk running down my fingers as I get stuck in!  Eggs Benedict came in a large and small size, and one diner’s eyes were too big for her belly! ;o)  A large size had two halves of muffins, two poached eggs etc, and while it was lovely, it defeated her!  Me, typical me went a little off piste... I had haggis with poached ducks eggs. Wow.  Haggis was really tasty, and the duck eggs, with their vibrant yellow yolks were rich.  It all came on top on fried bread which I didn’t particularly get on with.

I must comment on the dinnerware – big silver tea pots, tea strainers with drop catchers, solid cutlery all helped add to the feeling that you were somewhere special. 



We paid £16 each for our breakfast, with one drink.  The Wolseley serve breaksfast everyday: 7am – 11.30am weekdays, 8am – 11.30am weekends.  I would recommend it to all for a special occasion, we were having our anniversary and there was a bridegroom in there with his ushers, for example.  The price isn’t prohibitive, so if you’re in London for a weekend, get yourself on there, but I will be keeping this on my specials list!